Our Curriculum

The Curriculum at Chrysalis Kids aims to capture this golden period of childhood and give children the right amount of stimulation and challenge in all areas of development. Therefore, we have developed the Domain Development System, a philosophy that looks at a child from a developmental perspective. The curriculum developed through this perspective ensures that the daily routine has activities which encompass all domains and most importantly, the teacher is aware of the objectives of that activity.


Extracurricular Activities and special performances throughout the year provide our children with the opportunity to develop special talents, to fulfill themselves outside the academic routine, and to enhance their enjoyment of the school experience. At Chrysalis Kids we have included the Pre-CHAMPS activities like Dance, Music, Yoga and Martial Arts for our children to give them exposure to "Academics beyond textbooks".

Assessment Pattern

Our assessments cater to all facets of a child's developmental milestones. Starting with Physical and Gross Motor skills, Fine Motor, Sensory, Cognitive, Language, Emotional and Aesthetic, Social and of course Personal. The goals behind these facets remain the same across the three phases and evaluations for the same are conducted across a period of two-three weeks. The evaluations are also based on the PUPA and Anecdotal records that are maintained by the teachers to ensure a qualitative report is drafted. Teachers will assess children towards the end of each phase. Academic evaluation is roughly divided into four areas: Reading, Writing, Numbers and Concept. There are specific goals in each of these areas and which will be assessed by the end of each phase. Children are encouraged and supported to meet these goals independently.