In conventional schools, by the time a teacher comes to know about the personality of the child, a lot of time has gone by. This also results in teachers “branding” children of specific behavior, which in reality might be ignorance in understanding the child.

P.U.P.A (Prior Understanding of Pupil Attributes) is an initiative of Chrysalis Kids to enable the teacher to understand the children even before the academic year has started. PUPA is a collaborative effort which involves the parent as well as the teacher.

Instead of relying on brief notes of an admission form, our teachers spend time with each parent individually in an effort to know the child, his favourite TV programs, his fears, what makes him laugh, what word he uses for water or food...... little things that will help the teacher handle the child in a way which is optimal to his learning. Every little detail learnt from you will be preserved for the whole academic year. Over the month the teacher will add her observations and record anecdotes that shape your child.

At the beginning of the next academic year, the previous class teacher sits with the new class teacher and shares each child’s progress and personality individually, helping her gain a prior understanding of each pupil’s attributes. And this process continues till the child is in school, ensuring that the teachers spend most of their time in the child’s learning & not in trying to understand the child.

Individual Support Program

Individual Support Program is one of the ways in which we take accountability of the child’s education

This program is designed to bridge the gap between what the child has understood and what she/he is expected to understand.

Individual Support Program aims in helping struggling learners to shore up their basic skills. This extra support helps them to catch up with their peers.

Worry Free Education

To take the wonderful journey of Chrysalis Kids students further and be a participant in his/her further growth and continued education till grade XII, we have the following campuses

Contact Details:
219/3 & 219/5
Gunjur, Marathahalli – Sarjapur Road
Bangalore – 560087
+91-78990 49871 / 78990 49873


Contact Details :
Behind HP Petrol Pump, 3 Km from Hope Farm Circle, Bangalore
+91 97391 50011 / 97391 50022


Contact Details :
# 15/1B, Sector A , LBS Nagar
Yelahanka New Town, Bangalore – 560064
+91 91082 76790 / 91082 76791


Contact Details :
# 36 & 37, Gollahalli, Bannerghatta Main Road (Opp AMC College)
Bangalore – 560083
+91-97426 80093 / +91-97426 90692


Contact Details :
52/1, Old Flour Mill Street, Behind Horamavu Agara Lake, Horamavu, Bangalore – 560 043
+91-9108276773, +91-9108276774


Our most important asset – Teachers

We, at Chrysalis, believe that our people are our most important assets. Effective teachers can have life changing impact on a student. Competent people in administration can make life so easy for teachers & parents as well. A Principal’s leadership can have a lasting impact on the image of the school.

At Chrysalis, we consciously select only those people who are passionate about making a “real” difference to the learning process of the child. The best of the curriculum fails if there is no passion in delivering it & boring topics can become very interesting if the teacher just adds passion to it.

We ensure that all people joining us are passionate & motivated and also share our vision of “helping our children soar.”

Through various observations, each teacher’s training & developmental needs are identified. Training programs are developed or outsourced according to those needs. Teachers go through the training programs & are evaluated again through additional classroom observations to ensure that they meet the benchmark of Chrysalis.

Teacher Student Ratio

At Chrysalis we firmly believe that smaller classes can make a difference, especially when combined with other key elements of a quality preschool program, such as well-qualified teachers who are sensitive to students’ needs and learning styles.

When groups are smaller, and staff-child ratios are lower, teachers provide more stimulating, responsive, warm and supportive interactions in the classroom.

For Nursery, we follow teacher student ratio of 1 : 8

For Jr. KG and Sr. Kg, we follow teacher student ratio of  1 : 10

Transition Block

The children have to cope with increased academics, structured formal class environment and increase in school timings when they move into critical Grades like Grade I. Chrysalis Kids has created transition blocks. A specially designed block across different stages of the curriculum from kindergarten to Grade I, where the teachers hold the children’s hand and help them leap across the hurdles seamlessly.

Approaching changes of Grade I are introduced gradually; skill gaps are met and closed.

Curriculum is modified to help children prepare themselves to meet challenges of the next phase of their academic life. The children are also introduced to their new school in terms of a visit where they take a first hand look at the classrooms, infrastructure, meet the teachers and get acquainted and even excited about starting school ! This is conducted in the third week of March.


Extracurricular Activities and special performances throughout the year provide our children with the opportunity to develop special talents, to fulfill themselves outside the academic routine, and to enhance their enjoyment of the school experience.

At Chrysalis Kids we have included the Pre-CHAMPS activities for our children in the curriculum. Exclusive Pre-CHAMPS classes are conducted twice in a week.

Rhythm O Mania

The music program includes music ranging from standard nursery rhymes to songs like We are the world, Beautiful day etc.

All activities are designed to stimulate childhood development. These include development of interactive social behaviour, turn taking, spatial awareness, listening skills and more.

Happy Feet

Our Dance Program is taught in a playful but structured way.

Children are first introduced to simple body movement activities and then to rhythm and music with simple props.

Fiction Factory

A unique program combining interactive storytelling and theatre arts, based on the hypothesis that theatre experiences support young children’s social, emotional, cognitive, and creative play skills—including the development and practice of crucial language skills.

Each session is designed to enhance imagination and build on children’s storytelling skills.

Safety Measures

  • At Chrysalis, safety is considered a top priority.
  • We have CCTV cameras installed in all the class rooms, key areas in the campus as well as in the school buses.
  • Chrysalis Kids does not have any male staff inside the premises, except the security guard, who is at the main gate only.
  • At no point of time, any child is without supervision of a female teacher.
  • The above mentioned steps are over & above the fact that there are regular surprise checks by the Coordinator, Principal & Director to ensure that the systems & processes laid down by the school are strictly followed.