The Early Years Program is a blend of experiential learning and a gradual building up of skills for the Foundation Years. While we realise the importance of nurturing the natural curiosity of a child and letting every child develop and learn at their own pace, we also believe in step by step building up of skills so that the child is ready to take on the academic and other challenges of a higher grade. Our early years program is testimony of that.

The first steps of formal learning begin in Nursery.

Children are introduced to pattern writing. Then writing and reading of uppercase letters are taught across the year at a gradual pace.

Our workbooks are designed to help children write first with the help of dots and then move to writing independently without dots.

The numbers 0 – 10 are also taught with an emphasis on learning to count.

Children also learn the concept of opposites, shapes, colours and take their first steps into science with hands-on experiments.

Following the first steps of formal learning in Nursery, children will be taught to master the English language and basic Mathematical concepts.

From Junior Kg, our children are taught cursive writing as this is one skill each child needs to master for his/her life. Simultaneously, the little ones will learn reading.

In Math, children begin learning the basic concepts of numbers and related operations.

The thematic concepts are based on the topics covered in Nursery but in a more advanced and detailed manner.

To make learning fun, children are taught all of the above through hands-on activities, stories and craft activities.

Our senior most little Chyrsalites are all set to fly high with a little more priming from what they got in Junior Kg.

This is exactly what the Senior Kg curriculum is comprised of. Children will learn advanced concepts of word families, cvc words, blends, yes, we start to writing sentences too.

After revising the concepts learned in Junior KG, in the first phase, children move on to learn addition, subtraction, fractions, etc. Followed by hands-on science experiments and introduction to Hindi, our national language.

The thematic concepts range from ‘Our Solar System’ to ‘A Trip around the World’, ‘Discoveries Inventions’ and many more! We explain these topics in detail and meticulously deliver in order to bring out the best results.